So I made the leap and signed up for web hosting so I could redesign and upgrade my blog. The new address is or just No more WordPress extension! Please update your bookmarks and blogrolls accordingly. I won’t be posting anything new here on this page (I won’t be posting anything new until Monday on the other site either) so if you forget and come here you’ll be looking at this message forever. Maybe someday I’ll figure out how to redirect automatically. Don’t hold your breath.

Considering I know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about websites I expect there will be a lot of issues, broken links, missing pictures and more issues. If you happen to see any problems, please email me bebehblog at gmail dot com so I can try to work them out. And by work them out I mean swear at my computer for three hours before calling tech support.

To hold you over until I get things worked out, please visit my Flikr page for new pictures of the baby. Thanks for your patience!