Hi. I’m pregnant.I had a baby on April 5th, 2009.

I’m also a reader, gardener, dancer, tv-watcher, wife, gym-goer, writer, daughter, interior decorator, photographer, dog walker, cat lover, shoe buyer, sister, Scrabulous player, and baker.

Hopefully I can continue to be the first without losing the rest.

A little more, for those who are curious:
I’m 27 years old, married to my husband E for almost 5 years. We met while I was at college getting my degree in underwater basket weaving communications at the College of Charleston in South Carolina and he was going through training to run nuclear reactors for the Navy. No he does not glow in the dark. After a couple of transfers we ended up in Eastern Connecticut where we got a dog, a Jeep Cherokee and a house. Once we ran out of things to buy we decided it was about time to work on the bebehs. Now we share our 100-year old Craftsman house with Baby Evan; our dog Brutus; our cats, Blushes and Rabbit; about a million baby toys and several pounds of pet hair. I’m giving the SAHM thing a try – part desire, part necessity – and I use this blog as my own personal soapbox and brag book. Please send me an email or join in the comments if you have something to say!