I realized this morning that the list of errands I need to run is now 5 days long…because I haven’t left the house this week. Ok, that’s not strictly true – on Tuesday I bought a bottle of poop stain remover at the baby store and on Wednesday I took a walk. But I did both those things with unwashed pony-tail hair so it hardly counts.

The previous two weeks were so busy and fun I thought what I needed was a couple days to relax. But one day turned into two, turned into three, and now it’s five days later and I’m stuck in a vicious cycle of Bejeweled Blitz and sweeping up dog hair. I had to rotate the couch cushions because the one I sit on is visibly thinner than the other two. Even the baby is bored with my sweatpants. I haven’t met anyone new. I haven’t been anywhere interesting. It’s been so long since I’ve been out my door I forgot to put on shoes today and almost went to Stop & Shop in my slippers (for the record, I have not sunk that low – I came back inside and put on real shoes).

I’ve been trying to blame my seclusion on the baby. He finally learned to roll over both directions and so we’ve been spending a lot of time rolling around on the floor working towards crawling. He’s also started using my nipple as a teething ring, nursing for twice as long as usual (although “usual” is still less than 10 minutes) and making it harder to just plop down somewhere for a quick snack if we’re out in public. But really, the rolling and the nursing aren’t enough to keep me home. I managed to make it out with a baby who thought projectile vomiting on anything within a 10 foot radius, a little nipple-flashing shouldn’t keep me in. Really, I’m home because I’ve got nowhere to go and no money to spend when I get there. The number of things free things you can do with a 5 month old is very limited and almost always involves lots of other babies…and right about now I feel all babied out.

Someday I’ll win the lottery and I’ll never be this bored again.