With apologies to Dr. SeussIMG006


I can breastfeed, yes I can!

Would you breastfeed here or there?
Would you breastfeed anywhere?

I could I would here or there,
I will breastfeed anywhere.IMG_2491

Would you could you in the park?
Would you could you after dark?

I can breastfeed at the park,
During the day or after dark.

I can breastfeed on a boat
I can breastfeed while we float.

I can breastfeed on the floor
Stand right up and feed some more.IMG_2813

I can breastfeed in a car
I can breastfeed near or far.

I can breastfeed while I sleep
Never waking to count sheep.

I can breastfeed while I eat,
I can breastfeed while I tweet.

In the park, after dark!
On a boat, while we float!IMG_3202
On the floor, then some more!
In the car, near or far!
While I sleep, counting sheep!
When I eat, when I tweet!

I think breastfeeding’s pretty neat!

I will breastfeed while I can,
To do the best for my little man,
For at least a year, that is my plan.