Five years ago today, my life changed forever.

It was the most magical day ever, everything a girl could have wanted for her fairy tale wedding.
DSCN5357Why yes, that is a horse drawn carriage. I’m totally not kidding about the fairy tale part.

We were surrounded by friends and family and the amount of support and love in every second of the day took my breath away. We needed it too, at the tender ages of 22 and 24, having just spent our 8 month engagement on opposite coasts with no where to live and no idea how we would get there.


The 60 months since that one day have been the best and most challenging of my life. We were such babies, like little kids playing at being married instead of actual grown ups. Through deployments, months of living in different states, buying a house, and financial and emotional challenges we managed to hang on and survive because of our love for each other and because we’re too stubborn to call it quits.The birth of our beautiful baby boy has totally changed our relationship, one million percent for the better. It took a few months to adjust but right now I can say I am even more madly in love with E than I was the day we said “I do.” He has become a better husband since becoming a father and I am thrilled that our little family is so full of happiness and laughter.
Suzanne-Evan-14Happy Anniversary honey. I hope you’ll dance with me for many many years to come.