Since the only mom’s group I’ve found is at the crazy hippie baby store, (again, for the record, it is a lovely lovely place and I don’t mean it in a negative way at all) I spend so much time there I’ve starting to absorb their crazy hippie dust. The kind of crazy hippie dust they pump directly into the water supply in Connecticut. It also leads to pick-your-own farms, antiquing, dog parks, organic potting soil, hybrid SUVs and paying ridiculous prices for locally made anything. Oh, and gay marriage, so watch yourselves. I’m going to start a business selling the un-gay kind of water at the state line to Midwesterners and conservatives.

Besides turning me into a breastfeeding babywearer, the women at the store have almost convinced me to try cloth diapers. I say “almost” because I am 100% into the idea and E is 10,000% AGAINST it – but since I’m the one who did the baby growing and the contracting and the pushing (don’t even think of forgetting the pushing) my opinion counts more. I do enjoy E’s current help with the diaper changing and hate to lose his cooperation. There’s a chance I could bring him around though, as my other crazy hippie ideas have worked out really well (sling, lactation consultant, baby massage – now with 100% less screaming!) and he’s a pretty helpful guy over all. Since the disposables we use now aren’t particularly effective against the explosive butt blowouts my baby specializes in, I’m willing to try ANYTHING that results in less crap leakage. Nothing says “I have a newborn!” like orange poop stains on your shirt.

I got a really good look at a couple of different kinds of cloth diapers at baby group today and learned a lot. These are not the cloth diapers my mother used on me, with the folding and pinning and bleaching. These are fancy systems made with soft organic fabrics in pretty colors! I could save thousands of dollars! It’s so easy! Baby Jesus loves cloth diapers! Rainbows will fly out of your baby’s butt! *Ok, deeeeeeep breath* I got a little carried away there, which happens a lot when I’m talking about baby stuff, especially the crazy hippie kind. To be honest, my interest in cloth diapers is more about being a crazy cheapskate than a hippie. If they made super cheap cloth diapers out of the skins of baby seals I’d probably still be on board.

Based on extensive five minutes of internet research, it seems a lot of people do a part-time cloth diapering. I can see parents having trouble convincing a day care provider to hold on to poop filled diapers all day, but since I’ve got the baby full-time I would be the only poop-holder. I might be up for switching to cloth gradually, with disposables for day trips or overnight, at least this time around. The internet is full of explanations of the different types/styles/brands but most of it confuses the heck out of me. Any real-life advice is appreciated.

p.s. The crazy hippie dust also caused me to buy baby leggings. SO ADORABLE although E is concerned baby leggings are the gateway drug to baby tap shoes, baby musical numbers, baby glitter and a baby obsession with Liza Minnelli.