During my pregnancy I became a message board stalker, joining and following several groups meant for pregnant women and new moms. I would love to comment and participate more but unfortunately I don’t speak message board. It’s like a whole language of abbreviations that stand for euphemisms or phrases normal people don’t even use. Don’t believe me? Try to translate the following:

I’m a FTM and I need some help from you BTDT moms. I just started BC because DH is dying to DTD and I don’t want to see that BFP yet – DD is only 10 weeks! Unfortunately, I think it might be affecting my supply. DD is EBF but for the last couple days she seems to still be hungry even after nursing for 45 minutes! I’ve only been on BC for a week and haven’t seen AF. FWIW my sister said she had the same problem with her DS and ended up FF. I really want to avoid that. Do you have any suggestions!?

If I hadn’t just made that whole thing up, I’d have no friggin idea what it said. I know being a new mom is exhausting but is it really too exhausting for words?