I don’t know if it’s just a baby thing or a breastfeeding-makes-the-immune-system-insanely-effective thing, but my baby has super healing powers. I accidentally cut his finger while trying to trim his (actually kind of claw-like) nails yesterday. I felt AWFUL. His tiny finger bled what felt like gallons and gallons of blood while I kissed him and tried to convince him I wasn’t the monster he thinks I am. Today the cut is almost totally gone and if you didn’t know I was a terrible mother you’d never even notice. Baby Evan had also given himself a nasty looking scratch on his forehead – which led to the nail cutting – that is now just a tiny red spot. If I had done the same thing to myself I’d be walking around with an Olivia Newton-John headband fort least a week, trying to convince people I was hip instead of a clumsy fool with a giant red mark on my face.

Maybe I’ll start calling him Wolverine. That’s totally an appropriate nickname for a 9 week old, right?