I don’t know why I thought sorting through my ENTIRE collection of clothes from EVERY storage space in the house would be a fun, easy project to do while the baby was napping, but here’s the result:


So much for that cute pirate/Wild Things/sailboat themed nursery. Now it’s like Target and Old Navy threw up all over the floor. It’s taken me a week to get to this point and there’s still two piles of unsorted clothes in the guest room.

The worst part is the box I’ve labeled “Try On”. Who am I kidding? None of it is going to fit and keeping it in the closet hoping it will fit “soon” is like hoping a unicorn will fly out of the sky and stomp all over E’s laptop so he can never play WoW again. So 85% of my wardrobe is going into boxes marked “Too Small Summer” and “Too Small Winter”. I should probably label another box “Stuff You Will Never Fit In Again And Would Make You Look Like A Hooker Even If It Did”. Or maybe “College Clothes” for short.

Even though I’ve been trying to eat better and have started my post-natal workout DVD (Boot camp! Squat thrusts! People with impossibly rock hard abs!) my scale says I have gained four pounds from my post-delivery low. Which, to be honest, wasn’t that low. I had really hoped breastfeeding combined with drinking lots of water and a few walks around the block would be enough to get the weight loss going, but it looks like I’ll be in my yoga pants for a little longer than planned. Although a pair of slightly larger yoga pants might be helpful since I don’t think you’re supposed to have to do yoga to get them on. If I get really desperate I’m going to start stalking the other women I see pushing strollers around town in hopes that I can find I walking buddy.