Now that I have a baby, I have a teeny tiny bit more sympathy for Bad Parents. People who scream at their children in the candy isle at Stop & Shop, the woman who smacks her kid after he shoves a rack of clothes over at Macy’s, even the guy who leaves a baby in the hot car while he runs into the gas station for “just a minute”. No, those things aren’t OK. And clearly child abuse has NO excuse, ever. But now while I’m saying “Shame on you Bad Parent!” I’m also thinking “Oh, man, I’m totally four hours sleep and a candy bar away from being where you are.”

Actually, I may be closer than I think – Can someone PLEASE tell me how I to handle a shopping cart AND a baby? If I leave the baby in the cart while I’m loading groceries, I’m worried it could roll away or some crazy driver might hit it or a baby-snatcher might snatch my adorable baby. But if I put the car seat in the back seat first, I have to leave the baby in the car while I return I cart. I guess I could be the person who just leaves the cart in the parking space but I HATE those people. For now, I’ve decided the car is the safest place for the baby and I just lock the doors for the fifteen seconds it takes to out the cart back, but I’m probably just one shopping trip away from being scolded by the 70 year old women who already think I’m a Bad Parent because a)I’m out of the house, b) my baby doesn’t have a hat and c) I’m buying Diet Coke. Yes, people have commented on ALL THOSE THINGS.