E is getting really tired of the spit-up. I’m not saying he would actually leave the baby lying naked in the sink for an hour after each feeding…but it would certainly reduce the amount of laundry I have to do.

I did a little searching on the interwebs to see if there was something I could try to help with Baby Evan’s puking problem. Unfortunately, I found advice. I really wish I could unread it.  Turns out if your baby is really vomit-y and it starts affecting his weight gain, the doctor will put a breastfeeding mom on something called the “elimination diet”. It means you cannot eat anything. No really, nothing. No milk products, soy, nuts, eggs, whole grains, citrus, strawberries, chocolate, or tomatoes. Oh and sometimes corn. Plus anything that might have gluten in it. BLERG.

I guess I could eat…apples? Lettuce? Boiled chicken? Plain tuna? I’m looking at my fridge right now and there is literally nothing in it that complies with those restrictions. The other advice on the message boards is to look into medicine for baby acid reflux. As much as I don’t want to medicate my infant unnecessarily, I think I’d rather try drugs + breastfeeding than just give up and go to formula.

Apparently, I was too hasty in imagining my remaining food choices! According to Dr. Sears this is what you eat for TWO WEEKS:
“Range-fed turkey and lamb, baked or boiled potatoes and sweet potatoes (with salt and pepper only), rice and millet as your only grain, cooked green and yellow squash for your vegetable, and for fruit, pears and diluted pear juice. Drink a rice-based beverage drink in place of milk on cereal or in cooking.” I hate at least half of those foods. It makes me feel like a horrible, selfish mother that I can’t even IMAGINE trying to follow that diet, but that’s how it is. My dedication to breastfeeding has it’s limits. Sore nipples, fine. Engorgement, fine. Feedings every 2 hours, fine. Sleeping on the couch, fine. Nothing but friggin’ potatoes for two weeks, NOT FINE.

4:00 am – DEAR GOD I SWEAR I WILL NEVER EAT ANYTHING EVER AGAIN IF THIS BABY WILL JUST STOP THROWING UP. Nothing. I’ll get all my nutrition in liquid form through an IV or something. For really special occasions I’ll just smell the food – although the way things are going Baby might be allergic to that too.
I’m calling the pediatrician in the morning.