Obviously, I can’t let something as important as the birth of my first child pass without getting a new tattoo – or as my mother puts it, “Ruining my body with something [I] will regret when [I’m] 65”.  E wants to get one too, although we’re not necessarily going to get exactly the same thing. i checked the internet for ideas and the standard seems to be baby footprints. Very cute but not very original. Plus if I do the same thing for my other future (imaginary) children, I’ll end up looking like I’ve been stomped to death by infants.

So I spent my evening playing with fonts and numbers to try and create something on my own. I’m definitely not an artist and I’m not set on any of these – I just need something to show my tattoo guy so he has an idea of what’s in my head. I might include the date. I’ll probably get it on my left wrist. What do you think?


p.s. Number 1 & 2 are supposed to look kind of like butterflies and number 3 like an infinity symbol. I like the idea of the meaning being kind of obscure.