The time stamps on my posts just get curiouser and curiouser. Today is Baby Evan’s two week birthday but he decided to celebrate last night instead by demanding food CONSTANTLY between the hours of 5 and 10 pm. Food from my boob, not the bottle. EVEN THOUGH THE FOOD IN THE BOTTLE IS BREAST MILK. He’s all “What kind of shenanigans are these woman? This is different! I don’t know HOW it’s different but it is! Waaaaaaaaaah!” I think he was just punishing me for leaving the house not once but twice without him. How dare I go to Home Depot and pick out a faucet? Babies don’t need faucets!

The up side of the marathon 5 hour feeding was he slept for almost 6 hours last night. I actually woke up because I was no longer tired instead of because Evan was screaming. The down side is all that nursing triggered my milk production reflex in a huge way and now my boobs are back to being hugely, painfully swollen. I guess I’ll pump some of it to add to my stash in the freezer but it’s not like he’s going to drink it since once it goes through the pump it is AWFUL AND DISGUSTING. (Aside: My breast milk freezer bags say “My Mommy’s Milk” on them, which led E to say “Well who else’s breast milk would you have in the freezer????”)

Have I mentioned that my baby is clearly a genius? He can already hold his head up – the better to smash you in the nose with while you burp him – and spends his waking time staring at people, lights and loud things instead of gazing into space. Right now he has fallen asleep curled up between my stomach and the Boppy pillow with one little fist shoved into his cheek. I am desperately thirsty, my leg is falling asleep, my chest feels like it might explode, I can’t reach the remote so I’m watching a Celebrity Slim Down infomercial and yet I cannot bring myself to move in any way and disturb Evan. I love him so so much.

Things I bought:
1. Diapers and wipes
2. Nursing cover
3. Birth announcements

Things I DID need:
1. Mycelon gas drops – one dose of these led to my 6 hours of sleep
2. Gentle baby wash – You’d be surprised how quickly Baby gets sticky