For your NOM NOM NOMMING pleasure.

Coming home from the hospital:
img_1908No Brutus, that’s not for you. And he is definitely not a chew toy so stop with the sniffing.
img_1912Do I need to explain why we’ve started calling him Peanut? And yes, Daddy’s playing WoW while holding the baby. As long as he keeps changing the diapers he can play all dorky computer games he wants.
img_1917This is how Baby Evan looks after he eats. I dare you not to chew on your computer screen. Double Dog Dare you.
img_1923And if you notice in the background, that is totally our changing table in the family room. We spend 90% of our baby time down here anyways, and leaning over to change him on the pack’n’play was killing my E’s back. We’ll bring it back upstairs eventually. “Eventually” probably meaning after he’s toilet trained.