I’m starting to think I might have a very punctual baby. It really wouldn’t surprise me, since both E and I are generally the very on-time type. I just didn’t know it was hereditary.

My mom got here on the Amtrak Saturday to help me with Baby E. Since all he’s really doing right now is kicking me in the bladder and giving me more stretchmarks, she’s taken to cooking and cleaning. I’m not going to complain. We went to the Commissary yesterday and bought ingredients for a week’s worth of food – the warm, homemade, delicious kind that I haven’t bothered with in a month ever. E is going to get totally, completely spoiled, and right when I had him trained to fetch McDonald’s on command too. Yesterday afternoon Mom and I threatened to go to Ikea ourselves, so E agreed it was probably better to come along and make sure we didn’t buy the entire Spring catalog. I FINALLY got an overhead light for the nursery and a new shade for the existing lamp, so my baby doesn’t grow up thinking we live in a cave. E needs to finish tacking down the cords, but we’ve got a while until baby-proofing becomes necessary instead of just preparatory. Although I’m sure my baby will be very smart, I doubt he’ll be sticking anything in light sockets for a few months.

I have a doctor’s appointment today at 2:30 with another super-fun pelvic exam. I have very little hope that things have changed despite drinking a gallon of raspberry-leaf tea – which doesn’t taste like raspberries or leaves or anything besides hot water and sticks. Delicious. Update this afternoon.