We have our first loser! Sorry Meghan. Since the latest my doc will let me go is a week past my due date, I’ll let AGreenEyeDevil amend her guess to April 7th if she’d like. Originally I thought I could totally throw this contest so I came out the winner but at this point I would rather be un-pregnant than right.

Meghanstrader – March 25th NO BABY
Lalaland13 – March 27th
Mary – March 28th
MapleJam – March 29th
Me – March 30th
Sarrible – March 31st
Stacyinbean – April 1st
Other Erin – April 2nd
SarahMC – April 2nd
H_a_l – April 4th
Erin (I don’t have a fake name) – April 5th
Katie Gibson-Stofflet – April 6th
AGreenEyeDevil – April 10th