Why are diaper bags so ugly? The choices at Target were Winnie-the-Pooh or pink flowers. Babies R Us has a lot more but they all fell into two categories: incredibly twee and adorable or Dad-bags in manly man colors like black or black or black. For the honor of having about a zillion inner pockets and a removable changing pad you get to pay between $40 and $100 dollars. I ended up with a black and red Eddie Bauer bag that will match my stroller and not offend my husband when I ask him to carry it (since this is my first baby, I still care about things like matching and offending my husband). It looks much more like the messenger bag my 20 year old computer geek brother carries to class than like anything you’d actually keep diapers in. In short, I don’t love it but it’ll do. My need to have it packed and ready to go RIGHT NOW far outweighs my desire to hunt down a cute, affordable bag online.

I actually started packing my own hospital bag about 6 weeks ago. I sort of felt like the more prepared I was the better my chances of not needing it – like when you remember to bring an umbrella it doesn’t rain. Plus I bought some super cute pajamas and a matching robe to wear in the hospital and I had to put them away to keep myself from wearing them right away. I’ve packed all the stuff the baby books suggest, including a dozen granola bars and change for the vending machines so E doesn’t starve to death. But today I added a couple things for me, including some extra-strength water proof mascara. I don’t care if my hair looks like crap and my face is all bloated and my boobs are hanging out…but without mascara I look like a squinty pig and that is not a memory I need captured in the eight million pictures I know will be taken.

Ok Baby, I am officially ready. Go.

Update: Here’s a link for the diaper bag so you can see just how not exciting it really is. I also think the changing pad is really thin but I guess it’s more to protect a surface from the baby than the baby from the surface.