I have my doctor’s permission to have my baby any time I want. Unfortunately, I don’t really feel like it right now, since my cold has two or three more days until it expires and all I’ve eaten this week is Gatorade. I’ve got enough crap coming out of my head, I don’t need any other orifices to start leaking just yet. But the baby is head down and has definitely “dropped” into my pelvis – where he actually fits a lot better than he did under my rib cage. The midwife also said Baby Evan seems to be a reasonable size and I’m in no danger of delivering a 12 lb infant.

I also need to finish a round of antibiotics for some sort of unusual urinary infection that my midwife forgot to call and tell me about when I got tested a week ago. (Sidenote: Did you know Stop & Shop is giving away free antibiotics? I was worried they wouldn’t take my military insurance but since the drugs were free it doesn’t ever matter! Yah, Stop & Shop!) I don’t really want to give my baby a weird crotch disease so I’m going to try to wait 7 days before going into labor.

At my appointment Monday the doc starts doing internal exams to check my cervix. If I’m “long and closed” I have permission to visit Sara in NYC on Tuesday – where I hear they have excellent pad thai – but if I’m dilated 2-3 cm I have to stay home – where we only have lousy, non-delivery pad thai. I’m really hoping for the first scenario.