While catching up on the pregnancy message boards today I came across a discussion of how many outfits you need to bring to the hospital for the baby. I was sort of under the impression that the hospital gave you a little t-shirt, a diaper, and a hat – so WTF do you need outfits for? My baby books suggest weather-appropriate “going home” clothes, so I was going to throw one of the eight million onesies in my bag along with a blanket in case it’s extra cold. But some of these women are bringing four different changes of clothes for a child that is less than 72 hours old, including a formal outfit for pictures and PJ’s for visiting hours.Y’all, it’s a newborn baby. Not only does it not NEED four different outfits, what kind of person looks at an infant and says “Sure your baby is cute but what is it wearing? That color is totally unflattering and that diaper makes its butt look big”.