You may want to re-think reading this blog. I have officially entered the stage of pregnancy where the gross stuff happens. All the cute parts are over until I get through labor and delivery and have an actual baby to talk about, with maybe a few exceptions for photos of my baby shower or nursery. Even if I have funny stories or amusing anecdotes to share I cannot guarantee they won’t involve words like “mucus plug”.

I can say that pregnancy is like body-function boot camp for people who still call their gynecologist a “lady doctor” or light candles every time they crap. I made my first “can someone tell me what the hell is happening?” call to my doctor’s office today, and explained some very personal anatomical details to three different people before a nurse finally suggested I just come in and let someone take a look. So now I get to show three different people some very personal anatomical details. And since I doubt I’m actually in labor, this will only be one of about a dozen pelvic exams I get to look forward to in the next four weeks. Oh the joys of pregnancy.