I met a local photographer for a maternity photo shoot today. We spent about 90 minutes trying different outfits and poses, and I think the results are going to be great. I wasn’t sure I wanted to do this because 99% of the time I hate how I look in photos. Never have I seen a recent photo of myself and thought “Oh, I look so nice!” But when I look at older photos I am almost always pleasantly surprised. No matter how stupid or fat I thought I looked at the time, the magic of a photograph is remembering the moment it was taken instead of reexamining my double chin or stupid haircut. What better moment to capture than pregnancy? Besides, my belly is cute and stretchmark-free, my hair is shiny, and my skin is clear and kind of glow-y. I spent the whole morning repeating positive thoughts over and over in my head – about how growing a baby is a beautiful and natural thing, how my body is doing a great job, and how despite my insecurities and flaws I should celebrate my womanhood. It sounds super cheesy and only kind of worked but Tracy (the photographer) was very nice and great about putting me at ease. Plus with fancy lighting and a little Photoshop magic, these might end up being some of the best photos of me every taken.

When I go back to pick up my CD of images next week, I’m hoping E can come along for a few extra pictures. A pre-family portrait, if you will. I’ll definitely share the pics when I get them so you can all admire my glorious womanhood while silently thanking God you are not 36 weeks pregnant.