I am nesting. Baby clothes are washed and folded, curtains are up in every room, my books have been sorted by author, and the guest closet is ready for long-term guests. Not that I haven’t always loved painting and moving furniture and hanging crap on the walls – I just currently have an OVERWHELMING NEED to get it done NOW. Despite my various pains I managed to finish almost all my out standing projects today, including rehanging the two dozen pictures I had taken down in my first trimester because I no longer liked how they were arranged. And some of them were crooked.

The next step is cleaning, which I don’t enjoy nearly as much, but it desperately needs to be done. I have my mother and sister coming in a week and another dozen people coming for my baby shower on March 7th. My friends and family do not need to know just how lazy I am when it comes to most household chores. It’s funny to say “Oh haha, I can’t remember the last time I vacuumed the bedroom!” but in reality, I do remember. Never.

And on the subject of arranging things (specifically books), here’s a message from E: When are you going to put a picture of my bookcase on your blog so your friends can stop bitching about it? I think he imagines y’all think about him a lot more than you really do, but here it is honey!


p.s. If you say one thing judging my books, I will SIT ON YOU.