That’s…a lot of weeks. Baby E weighs about 6 lbs now and is still trying to kick his way out through my belly button. If you have not been pregnant, you cannot possible understand how weird it is to have something that is not you moving inside your body. Sometimes I can feel specific baby parts, like a foot or a hand, and depending on how he’s lying I can tell you exactly where his head, shoulders, butt and legs are. Luckily Baby E spent most of today hanging out back by my spine, which is much much more comfortable. When he pushes against the outside my stomach gets really hard and I have to poke and yell at speak nicely to him until he turns. If you are one of the people lucky enough to visit me in the next few weeks, be prepared to have me grab your hand to feel the baby move. The only really charming thing about it anymore is letting other people share the fun.

Pregnancy still isn’t all that bad (probably a seven out of ten), I’m just so ready to meet my kid. Anything after 38 weeks (for me, March 17th) is considered full term, and even though my mother’s not coming until just before my due date I’m going to start trying the tricks to induce labor as soon as I get to 38 weeks and 1 day. The more, uh, family friendly ones include drinking raspberry leaf tea, rubbing your ankles, and eating spicy food. I won’t make you think about the rest of the techniques unless they actually work, in which case  you can be damn sure I plan to traumatize my child with THAT story.