The lactation consultant (did you know that was a thing? someone’s actually job is teaching you to lactate correctly) from my hospital just canceled the breastfeeding preparedness class I was supposed to attend tonight due to weather. I’ve heard so many breastfeeding horror stories, including one woman who said her nipple almost FELL OFF, that I figure any advice I can get ahead of time will help. Plus the hospital loves handing out free stuff when you take classes and I am all about that.

Class is rescheduled for next week. I’ve heard having a partner who supports you is a major factor in successful breastfeeding, and I know in theory E is VERY supportive. We’ll see how supportive he actually is when it comes to talking about nipples and colostrum and mastitis and let-down and nursing techniques for two hours. I’m not sure even my own mother is THAT excited about this baby.