I think I’m having Braxton-Hicks contractions. I mean, not right at this moment, but several times today I’ve had this really uncomfortable crampy feeling. Since I’ve been a good pregnant woman and paid lots of attention at birthing class I know better than to speed dial my doctor, but I can’t say I’m thrilled with this development. Being 30 weeks pregnant is pretty much uncomfortable enough by itself, no random extra pains required.

Oh, actually I am having one right now.

I know better than to think this is Real Pain. I am sure in the not so distant future I will look back on these tiny practice contractions and think “Man I miss those. Can we go back to those? I’ll take all the Braxton-Hicks you’ve got! It’s like they were made of sunshine! Tiny leprechauns were dancing under rainbows in my uterus!” But right now it feels like those leprechauns are really drunk and wearing steel toed boots while they rehearse for the touring cast of Stomp! Coming soon to a reproductive system near you!

The baby book suggest I use this time to practice my breathing techniques so I’m prepared for real labor. I’m going to use this time to practice getting my husband to fetch me things so he’s prepared for real labor.