We have recently come to the realization that we actually CANNOT afford to have a baby with only one income – at least not if we continue to live the way we’ve become accustomed. So it looks like we’re cutting back.

The first casualty is HBO – which I figure is probably better anyways. I think the only boobs my baby really needs to see are the ones that provide his food. Next to go will be E’s GPS service. I figure the only places he really needs to find for the next year or so are a) our house and b) the hospital. Which is less than a mile from our house. If he needs a fancy satellite guidance system to find either of those I have bigger problems than money – like how bad is his alcohol poisoning or who else has been beating him in the head?

Luckily, thanks to the ridiculously high rate at which the government taxed E’s bonus last year we’re getting a nice refund. It should be enough to keep us in diapers and tiny socks for the next year or so, when I can work on finding another source of income.* I think it will even cover a replacement for my leaking washing machine and maybe one of those fancy gliders for the nursery. At the very least it means I can look forward to spending time with my baby in a house complete with both heat and electricity.

*Actually, in the next year or so we’ll probably be moving, although I can’t think about that right now or I’ll have a panic attack. But hopefully it’s to somewhere with a slightly less ridiculous cost of living.