Keep in mind I am still technically three days away from my third trimester. So although my belly can no longer be called “cute” or “small” I have a loooong way to go before I am full-sized. Thank God my boobs are growing at almost the same rate as my stomach.

img_1632Oh hey, that shirt’s kind of see through! And my back fat has taken over the picture! Classy AND sexy!


Remember how E said a woman’s brain shrinks 20% during pregnancy because of SCIENCE?

I’ve been entertaining myself by putting the car seat in the stroller, adjusting the handle and seat tray, taking the infant support in and out, and practicing folding up the stroller with one hand. It sounds about as much fun as watching paint dry to you, but to me it’s like an evening of facinating conversation and fine wine.  20% is probably a conservative estimate.