Wow, finally something you ARE allowed to eat during pregnancy. My doctor says she knows of no reason or study that would indicate pregnant women should avoid soy. I mentioned the hormone thing that my lovely and intelligent commenters brought up and she said my pregnant hormones are so much stronger than normal it would take a huge amount of anything to mess with them.

I also do not have skin cancer, high blood pressure or any signs of preeclampsia. I am officially fat, and got a little talking to about holiday overeating. She said it’s not a big deal now – I’m not harming the baby – but it’s going to be much harder to lose 50 pounds than 20. But I’m not going to worry about that yet, I don’t mind being fat if I have a baby to distract people.

My next appointment is December 18th. This year is ending much too quickly. Once it’s 2009 I don’t get to think my baby comes “next year” anymore. The nurse also reminded me I need to sign up for a child birthing class soon and get my tour of the fancy birthing center. You also get to see the nursery – which means actual teeny tiny just born babies – and that idea makes my hormones go all wacky with joy and fear. I am hoping a weekend of bread and cheese with the gorgeous Sarrible will take my mind off things.