img_1510 It doesn’t look like much from the side – I’ve always been very narrow front to back – but it feels ginormous. The weirdest part is how much it DOESN’T just feel like being fat or having a food baby. Fat sits on top of your stomach and hangs over your jeans. This bump starts all the way down at my hip bones and slopes out.

img_15151 Like I said, from the front I’m definitely pregnant! This is my fancy new pregnancy belly button ring, thanks to whoever suggested them in the comments. The bar is flexible medical-grade plastic and I have a longer one for when my belly gets bigger.

I also need to say thank you to random extra-nice Walmart cashier who looked at my paint rollers and said “Oh painting the nursery is so much fun! My husband and I ended up covered in paint but it was such a special time preparing for the baby.” I love you, Walmart cashier, for recognizing I was pregnant and sharing the happiness with me. You win the first person to do that award!