I caved and bought new bras today. Giant, ugly, purposeful bras, the kind with at least three vertical hooks in the back. Water-balloon launcher bras. I was too chicken to look at nursing bras yet – that’s an adventure I’m putting off as long as possible – so I stuck to the lingerie section at Walmart meant for the most generously endowed women. No cute polka dots or fancy lace in the bunch, just yards and yards of scratchy, unforgiving fabric. It took me longer to find 3 comfortable, soft bras than it took to clean my oven. By hand. (It’s a self cleaning oven, I just suddenly felt the need to make it cleaner.) I should really make the trip to the fancy lingerie store, have my chest professionally sized and actually spend the money on nice bras – but I don’t get to keep these things forever, and with all the other stuff I need to buy, bras fall pretty low on the list. I suppose I could always use them as infant carriers in six months. Or a hammock.