Disclaimer: So what if I went to a Renaissance Fair? It’s not like I dressed up and spoke in ye olde English. I even refuse to spell “fair” with the extra “e”. I don’t need to you make fun of me, E is doing plenty of that already even though he plays World of Warcraft and has no right to call anyone a dork.

One of the shows involved two guys sword fighting while making lots of gay innuendos and off-color jokes. They warned the audience beforehand that it might be a little too PG-13 for kids. One of their scenes involved the guy with the Bon Jovi hair getting his sword stolen by the guy with the New York accent. 
Bon Jovi: Give me my sword back!
New York: What’s the magic word?
NY: That’s not it.
BJ: Come on, dude!
NY: Not it either.
BJ: Damnit!
NY: There you go, now you remember the magic word!
Then both guys look at an 8 year old boy in the audience and prompt: Hey kid, what’s the magic word?

Without missing a beat, the kid yells “PLEASE!” 
I think his mother almost cried she was so proud. I cried from laughing so hard.