My friend Erin wanted to know if I was wearing “spouse pants” yet. For non-military people, what she means is the sweat pants/pajama pants, usually very baggy and/or ugly that many of the wives wear. Most of the time it applies to women with kids who just don’t have the energy or time to be stylish and trendy. It’s sort of like “mom jeans” or that short haircut all women get after kid #2 so they don’t have to brush it anymore. For me (and Erin) it means we don’t have anywhere to go today so why bother getting dressed?

Except that it is now 5 pm, I have to leave for a meeting in 20 minutes and I have neither washed my hair or put on real clothes. I think I’ll just find a hat and change into jeans instead of sweatpants, but that’s so much less comfortable. I’ve been feeling very pregnant this week, and my belly is growing at a frightening pace. I think what I really need is a t-shirt that says “Not Homeless, Pregnant”.