I don’t really HAVE any maternity clothes that aren’t my new pants. One Motherhood Maternity shirt, one Old Navy Maternity dress, one pair of Old Navy Maternity Bermuda shorts, and the pants. But my friend the lovely and well dressed TaraIncognita has shown me the light. I may not have to resort to sweatpants and muumuus after all (or at least not every day). Tara directed me to  http://www.mywardrobetoday.com/, a really cute fashion blog where Allie, the blogger, just happens to be pregnant. She’s one of those glowing pregnant women, with the shiny shiny hair and clear skin – also known as the kind of pregnant woman I want to slap. But she’s so helpful I can’t hate her. I didn’t know Ann Taylor Loft made maternity. I have a whole closet full of beautiful pashminas and wraps I only wear for special occasions that I now plan to use as scarves all winter. Allie still wears belts, and shows me how I can too. Even though I woke up sicker and pastier than I have in weeks, I actually dressed up today and feel better for it. Maybe this whole growing stuff in my womb thing won’t turn me into a slob after all!