I look wicked pregnant in this dress – but I would have looked pregnant in this dress even if I wasn’t pregnant. Please to be making fun of E’s hat if you’d like. Unfortunately, he almost never has to wear it.








Enjoying our new it-doesn’t-matter-if-we’re-having-a-baby-and-are-expected-to-be-financially-responsible-and-behave-like-adults-YOU-CAN’T-MAKE-US present aka our new boat.




Oh hi, like my jeans? Yes I know they’re very stylish and cute, and look good even with this non-baggy shirt.








STRETCHY WAIST! Really, I can’t tell you how much I love maternity pants. I’m going to stay pregnant forever. No wait! I take it back!




Friday is the less fancy ball, the Khaki Ball. I tried on my dress this morning and am happy to report it still fits and still makes my boobs look fanfrickintastic. Saturday is the keel-laying ceremony for E’s new submarine. The keel-laying is formal for the guys, which means full on Top Gun whites. I can’t take pictures at the actual event but I’ll be sure to get at least one before he can change.