Our weather is FANTASTIC right now – cool, sunny, low humidity, perfect for jeans. If I had any jeans. My favorite pair won’t even stay on with my Bella Band anymore. All I have left are stretchy pants, E’s running shorts and one pair of maternity capris. But who can afford to spend $150 on a pair of jeans!? I don’t even spend that much on clothes I plan to wear forever, let alone the kind that will stop being useful in 6-8 months. I guess if I was being reasonable, one pair of $150 jeans that really fit is worth it if I wear them 4 times a week all winter, but if I have an extra $150, I can think of a lot better things to spend it on. Like heating oil for my house. A stroller. Seven maternity shirts from Old Navy. Champagne to drink on April 2nd. 150 lottery tickets so I can afford diapers. Can’t I just stick to old fashioned muumuus and sweat pants? Why do I need fashion right now anyways?