According to my baby development ticker, my baby is 1.5 inches, weighs 1/4 oz, and the irises of it’s eyes, hair, and fingernails are developing. (I can’t read the bit about the fingernails without thinking of Juno. ) I am 10 weeks and 6 days pregnant! Only 204 days to go!

If all that is really true, I am more than a quarter of the way done. Normal gestation is supposed to be 38-40 weeks – and pleeeeease no 43 week horror stories! Seriously though, I wasn’t sure anyone would even care to read about my completely normal, uninteresting pregnancy. The tips and advice are priceless, especially since my only other recently pregnant real-life friend moved to Virginia a few weeks ago, and I’m left with either women who gave birth in caves or friends who’s knees snap shut at the idea of eggs meeting sperm. I love everyone who’s been reading, whether it’s just once or all the time, and I still get excited every time someone comments. Thank you thank you thank you – and more please!