Classic Pooh Onesies (right? Onesies are a thing?) and plush Tigger. My first baby gifts! From my oldest (in time not age, obviously they are both still young and fantastic) friends, Sara and Erin.







Tiny baby booties for the future youngest member of the Red Sox Nation! So cute I squee’d for hours. From the lovely Stacyinbean and Political Party Girl.






 The t-shirt I made (crafty!) and plan to wear every time I go anywhere that involves food. Don’t judge me! Growing a whole person makes me hungry! Right now I just look lumpy, not cutely pregnant.



 My belly. Since it’s attached to me, it feels so huge and obvious, but in the picture it’s looks tiny! The doctor said I don’t have to take out my belly button ring until I actually go into labor. I doubt I make it that long though, since the pregnancy message boards are full of women who waited so long the hole tore. No thank you!