Since I’ve been pregnant I’ve given up all the appropriate things. I pass on coffee. I switched to regular ginger ale instead of things with caffeine and artificial sweeteners. I haven’t touched alcohol. But yesterday I was dying for a Diet Coke to go with my cheeseburger. I was willing to risk thirty kinds of birth defects just for one sip of the drink I’ve been addicted to since I was ELEVEN. So I caved. I have a Diet Coke and it was DELICIOUS. Absolutely heaven.

But today, right around the time I had that Coke yesterday my head started pounding. Throbbing. It felt like someone was trying to pull my brain out through my eyeballs. I barely made it home from work before collapsing on the couch. I couldn’t even make it through Judge Judy before crawling up to my bed and passing out for two hours. Now it’s 8:30 at night and I’m still suffering.  I know there’s a Diet Coke in the back on the fridge. I can hear it calling me. Drink me! Driiiiiink me! I’m the magical fairy of happiness who can take your pain awaaaaaaaay!

This is my punishment for breaking my caffeine ban.