E had to go out of town for a couple days so I’ve got the house to myself again. Usually I see this as a good thing and use my alone time to get stuff done – paint a room, work in the garden, take long walks with the dog, reorganize my sock drawer. Right now I don’t even have the energy to brush my hair, let alone start a major remodeling project.  My natural laziness combined with the exhaustion of pregnancy has turned me into a slug. I did start painting the last part of the living room and the stairs. I got one coat on the parts I could reach and decided the blue painters tape is really a decorating statement. I’ll just leave it for now.

I tried to do laundry, but the one load I finished I just threw on the floor. I stripped all the beds and planned to wash the sheets, but forgot to put them in the dryer, so when I crawled up to bed at 9:30 (stop laughing) they were still soaked.I suppose there were dry sheets in the linen closet but that was up a whole other flight of stairs, much too far for me to walk. So I slept on a bare mattress hugging a bare pillow and used the dust ruffle I’ve been too lazy to put under the mattress as covers. Could I be any more pathetic?

This morning I had every intention of walking the dog but when I got downstairs I was too tired to put on my shoes. I found a stick, threw it once, and sat on the back porch watching the dog chew on it until he did his business behind the garage. I noticed that the grass is getting really long but the idea of trying to start the mower makes me dizzy. I’d probably fall asleep half way through the yard and the mower would roll off into someones car. Or I could just set up that auto-mower machine the guy in the Discover Channel commercial makes (Have you seen that? He hums the “I love the whole world” song which is my favorite.thing.ever). But when I’ve watched five hours of Mythbusters reruns I’ve already seen because I’m too lazy to find the remote, even an auto-mower machine seems like a lot of work.

I have big plans to go to the gym tonight. I’m feeling better (knock on wood) as far as morning sickness goes, and I’d like to be able to wear my non-pregnant pants for a few more weeks. But going to the gym requires a change of clothes AND tying my shoes. It would also involve either a mile walk or fighting for a parking space downtown, and thinking about either of those options makes me want to go lie on my bare mattress for an hour or four. The really sad part is I have an elliptical trainer in my family room. But it’s folded up, so I can’t use it. What, you think I should unfold it and move it two feet from the wall? Obviously you have never been pregnant.

Whew, all this typing is making me tired. I’m going to go stare at the wall until it’s time to go home.