I bought my first official maternity clothes tonight. I don’t really need them yet but I did need some shorts and something for a semi-dressy event tomorrow, and I didn’t want to buy clothes that would only fit for another month. The dress is just lightweight black jersey with an empire waist and little cap sleeves. I already own about a dozen similar dresses that aren’t technically “maternity” but previously inspired strangers to stare a little too long at my belly and made me want to yell NO I’M JUST FAT THANKS.  But let me tell you about these shorts. SO comfortable, I plan to wear them every day. They’re just regular dark denim shorts but they have elastic triangles built into the sides. Once I get a big pregnant belly they’ll stretch and fit under it but for now it just means I can eat all the bacon I want without having to unbutton my shorts. They’re my Thanksgiving Pants.