We got some fantastic news today. E made chief! It’s hard to explain to a non-military person what a big deal it is, but once he puts on the rank it takes an act of Congress to be demoted. And we all know how often Congress actually gets stuff done. Secretly, I’m most excited by the fact that now when he dresses up he’ll wear the Tom Cruise uniform from Top Gun. I’m gonna need a copy of “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling” immediately.

In terms of the baby, this promotion means that I no longer have to work. E’s raise won’t be quite equal to my paychecks, but close enough that I won’t have to rush back to the office after the tadpole is born. It also means we could be transferred as soon as September, so now there’s that to freak out about. I’ll write more later but now we’re going out to dinner to celebrate, and the pregnant woman gets to be DD.